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Black Ops of TCP IP
Say Google is 50ms slower than Bing. Is this because of the ISP, or the routers and myriad server and path differentials between the ISP and Google, vs. the ISP and Bing? Can’t tell, it’s all conflated. We have to normalize the connection between the two sites, to measure if the ISP is using policy to alter QoS. Here’s how we do this with n00ter.

Start with a VPN, that creates an encrypted link from a Client to a broker/concentrator. An IP at the Broker talks plaintext with Google and Bing, who replies to the Broker. The Broker now encrypts the traffic back to the Client.

Policy can’t differentiate Bing traffic from Google traffic, it’s all encrypted.

Now, lets change things up — let’s have the Broker push the response traffic from Google and Bing, completely in the open. In fact, lets have it go so far as to spoof traffic from the original sources, making it look like there isn’t even a Broker in place. There’s just nice clean streams from Google and Bing.

If traffic from the same host, being sent over the same network path, but looking like Google, arrives faster (or slower) than traffic that looks like it came from Bing, then there’s policy differentiating Google from Bing.

Now, what if the policy is only applied to full flows, and not half flows? Well, in this case, we have one session that’s a straight normal download from Bing. Then we have another, where the entire client->server path is tunneled as before, but the Broker immediately emits the tunneled packets to Bing *spoofing the Client’s IP address*. So basically we’re now comparing the speed of a full legitimate flow to Bing, with a half flow. If QoS differs — as it would, if policy is only applied to full flows, then once again the policy is detected.

I call this client->server spoofing mode Roto-N00ter.

There’s more tricks, but this is what N00ter’s up to in a nutshell. It should work for anything IP based — if you want to know if XBox360 traffic routes faster than PS3 traffic, this’ll tell you.

more from dan kaminsky

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how linux affecting your life

As business become a bit though. We need to optimize our business. Many big player do anything to optimize their business.
As a new player its seems hard to compete those big boys, but not today. With the growing of open source product we can use the same technology at lowest cost. So we can get focus more on doing business rather than thinking what technology we should adopt.
yeah linux could change the way we do business.

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Red Hat Linux Commands – How to Understand Linux Directory and File Listings 

Interpreting Linux Directory and File Listings – From the Output of the Linux ls Command

In this linux tutorial we will learn how to running the Linux ls command at the Linux command line prompt shows a listing of directories and files.

The following is an example of a listing at the shell prompt of a directory named bin:

  • drwxr-x— 22 root root 4096 May 22 16:14 bin

The name of the directory (bin) appears at the far right.

At the left of this name is the time (16:14). If the directory were not created this year, the year would appear in place of the time. Next at the left is the date (May 22). At the left is the size of the directory, which is 4,096 bytes (4 K).

At the far left is a “d” and this indicates that the item is a directory.

The other items shown above, such as “rwxr-x— 22 root root”, are permissions.

The following is a Linux ls command output example of a file named grep.1.gz:

  • -rw-r–r– 1 root root 5907 Jul 17 2007 grep.1.gzThe name of the file appears at the far right (grep.1.gz).

At the left of the name is the date that the file was created (July 17, 2007). At the left of that is the size of the file, which is 5,907 bytes (approximately 5.9 K).

At the far left is a “-“. This indicates that the item is a file.

The above file was created in 2,007. If the file was created this year, then the time that the file was created, in the form of hh:mm, would appear in place of the year.

When you run ls command and use the -l option, you see a series of characters at the left of each item in the directory listing. The table below shows the meaning of the far left character in a directory listing.

The Leftmost Characters in a Listing from the Output of the Linux ls Command

When using the -l option of the ls command, the - (dash) for file and the d for directory appear most often in the list that is output when the ls command is run.

Remember that directory names have a “d” at the far left of them and files have a “-“.

The Linux concepts shown above apply to Slackware, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian Linux – and also ALL Linux distributions.

By the way…do you want to learn exactly how to use Linux and run Linux commands for Linux System Administration and get real, practical Linux training experience by running hundreds of examples of Linux commands? Stay tuned as more linux commands training tips will coming. speak soon.

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